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Public Call For Data Regarding VeriSign
"Site Finder" and DNS Changes

September 22, 2003

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To Internet users around the world:

In preparation for likely upcoming actions relating to disruptions and other issues stemming from VeriSign/Network Solutions' "Site Finder" service and DNS changes, PFIR requests your assistance.

The e-mail address:

has been prepared to receive your comments regarding VeriSign's recent actions (see PFIR Statement on VeriSign/NSI "Site Finder" and Domain Abuse and numerous other sources).

Your opinions regarding this situation are very important, and it will be particularly useful if you would include detailed information regarding how you, your organization, and/or your users have been impacted by the sudden and drastic changes to the operations of the .COM and .NET domains resulting from VeriSign's behavior.

If you can quantify monetary costs, losses, or consequential damages that relate to this situation, that would also be excellent information to include in your message.

If you would be willing to sign related petitions, and/or participate in possible court cases arising from this matter, please also note these points as well.

Please be sure to include your organizational affiliation and contact information as appropriate. Please indicate if you wish any or all of your message to be kept confidential, but note that doing so may limit the usefulness of your message towards dealing with the issues at hand.

Again, the e-mail address to use is:

It is extremely important that as much data regarding the operational impacts of VeriSign's "service" be collected as quickly as possible.

Also, the new PFIR Forums discussion topic "Internet Governance and Control" is now up and running at:

for related discussions. Thanks very much.

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