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February 2, 2001

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Greetings. The speed with which issues relating to the Internet have been taking center stage has been staggering. It's obvious that the net will be impacting virtually all aspects of our lives, and may be no less important, in the long run, than utilities such as electricity that most of us usually take for granted. But the complexity of issues surrounding the Internet are vast, and even getting a handle on their scope is formidable to say the least.

As a starting point, the Web page:

is a continuing work in progress outlining the basic issues that we have so far established as being relevant to PFIR and to those persons concerned about the Internet's impacts on society, culture, and the world in general. Your comments and suggestions regarding the issues list and the issues themselves are always welcome at:

Persons who are concerned about PFIR-related issues are invited to consider joining the main PFIR mailing list and become involved in these projects. The whole point of PFIR is to provide some balance in these Internet-related matters, where powerful, established forces already have most of the input. The views of such entities are very important, but they must not represent the only significant forces relating to these very important questions. So, if you know persons or organizations who might be interested, please direct them to

PFIR is currently in the process of incorporating as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. If you're interested in possibly helping to support PFIR efforts, please let us know your thoughts by sending an e-mail note to:

We want to thank everyone who has expressed such continuing interest and enthusiam for the PFIR concept and efforts, as we continue working to help the Internet achieve its full potential in a balanced way that will benefit all of humanity.

Thanks again. Be seeing you.

Lauren Weinstein
Co-Founder, PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility -
Moderator, PRIVACY Forum -
Member, ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy

Peter Neumann or
Co-Founder, PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility -
Moderator, RISKS Forum -
Chairman, ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy